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17 March 2019 (14:12) WARNING: A change to the client was made so please, run the patcher to update your client or else crashes might occur.
19 November 2018 (22:05) PoI walls don't need vocation requirement anymore, the fire does 300hp dmg for all vocations.
10 October 2018 (21:53) NPC Furion is not selling might rings anymore, they also can't be obtained from Daily Reward
07 July 2019 (23:10) | The Future of Elythia Published by Devious.
The server has been quite dead for a while now with a player or two logging in here or there (Damn you, RDR2). Since now there's no more active players on Elythia, the next step would be a reset, rework and relaunch of the server.

In the second half of the current month, the work on Elythia will resume as I should hopefully have more free time to put towards it, with an aim for a relaunch by the end of the next month if all goes as planned. Some of the core elements will be modified/reworked/tweaked such as exp stages, the entire master weapon crafting as well as the integration of custom content with the RL gameplay, which kind of sucked to be honest. Perhaps a push away from the RL gameplay with more evo elements should turn it more interesting?

If you have any ideas, thoughts, opinions or critics, feel free to post them in the discord chat, they're all welcome.
29 May 2019 (01:27) | Changelog V24 Published by Devious.
Changelog V24:

  • Map bug fixes
  • Some smaller map changes were made
  • Pirate and Quara raids on Liberty Bay should now spawn slightly less mobs
  • Total Gold reward for level advancing was reduced from 450k to 310k
  • NPC Black Bert is now selling all items without the quest requirement, however, the prices have been doubled
  • NPC A Prisoner now responds correctly when asking to sell a rune
Umbral item creation was tweaked; it's much easier and cheaper;
  • Cost was reduced by nearly 50%
  • breaking chance was removed
  • success chance
    for creating is 100% while for improving and transforming it's 90% and
    80% respectively
  • Level requirements for umbral items were also reduces from 75-120-250 to 50-100-150
17 April 2019 (13:10) | Changelog V23 Published by Devious.
Changelog V23:

  • Map bug fixes
  • NPC Maro's trade list was slightly modified
  • NPC Markwin now responds to a bunch of keywords

Gold rewards for level advancing was reworked, now you get cash every 20 levels up to 100, with a total of 450k in the end. As a result of the changes, at lower levels money should me much less of an issue.

A bunch of changes regarding Master Weapons were made:
  • ManaLeeching amount from Master Wands was nerfed from a total of 20% to 15%,
  • Meele Master Weapons' attack was reduced from 46-64 to 45-58
Marijuana leafs can now be obtained by harvesting marijuana plants which are scattered all around the map, though you will have to search for them.

Cigars can also be obtained now from the crafting area. Smoking one will either:
  • boost your skills for 20 minutes,
  • boost your HP and MANA for 20 minutes
  • reduce your skills for 2 minutes if unlucky
30 March 2019 (13:59) | Changelog V22 Published by Devious.
Changelog V22:

  • Map bug fixes
  • Some smaller map changes were made around Thais
  • The Fishnapped Goldfish can no longer be taken from Eclesius' home
  • NPC Paulie will no longer offer Bank Services on Rookgaard
  • Some outdated infos on the Server Information page on Website were updated
  • Minotaur Leather Quest was added
  • NPC Yana was disabled
  • The following raid was added: Xenia
  • Some talkactions were modified and some removed
  • The Exterminator Quest now has a proper Quest Log
  • NPC Janusz is now buying and selling more items
The following mobs were modified:
  • Xenia,
  • Shard of Corruption,
  • Superior Death Minion,
  • The Handmaiden,
  • Mr. Punish
The following NPC's received text modifications and typo corrections:
  • Naji,
  • Sam,
  • Towncryer,
  • Grizzly Adams,
  • Badger Joe
The following monsters can't be summoned anymore:
  • Tibia Bug,
  • Crimson, Coral and Azure Frogs,
  • Xenia,
  • Shard of Corruption,
  • Depowered Minotaur,
  • Dawn Scorpion,
  • Superior Death Minion
All raid monsters from now drop the following items:
  • 1 to 5 Recipe Books,
  • Silver & Golden Raid Tokens
A new system of crafting materials was added at the Dwarven Forge. It's an alternative to the current NPC item exchanges and also offers the ability to craft some new materials. In order to craft something from a certain crafting segment, you'll have to use the corresponding Recipe Book. There are 5 different recipe books that can be obtained from raid monsters and most bosses.

Hunting for Tokens Quest should also be possible now with Silver Raid Tokens dropping from raid mobs.
Golden Raid Tokens will receive another use in a not so distant future.
17 March 2019 (22:20) | Changelog V21 Published by Devious.
Changelog V21:

WARNING: Update your Client to avoid potential crashes!

  • Map bug fixes
  • Some tiny map changes were made around Thais, Greenshore and Mt.Sternum
  • NPC Badger Joe is buying Souleater Trophies
  • Mastermind potions should now work properly
  • Nomad corpses are corrected
  • Damage from Burst Arrows and Spectral Bolts was increased
  • Digging in the sand should no longer spawn Rats
  • Spider Webs can now be destroyed by using a Tool or Machette
  • NPC Henricus won't be selling blessings anymore as it's kind of useless with the command around
  • The Dwarven Forge (Crafting Area) got a map update
  • Vein of Ores can now be used to get stuff like Coal, Gems or Gold Nuggets if lucky enough
  • Wild Whirlwinds now received a proper corpse and loot
  • Fixed the images of certain items not showing up correctly on the character profile
The following items can now be stacked:
  • Sniper Gloves,
  • Chunk of Crude Iron,
  • Pumpkin,
  • Ice Cream,
  • Mind Stone,
  • Ankh
22 February 2019 (19:59) | Changelog V20 Published by Devious.
Changelog V20:

  • Map bug fixes
  • Certain raids won't be happening that often now as they turned out to be problematic, they'll be spawning less mobs too
  • You can hover over an image of an item at the crafting section/website to see its name
  • Vicious Squire, Glooth Bandits and Brigands can't be killed anymore by weaker mobs
  • Glooth Golems received their correct corpse look
  • A typo was fixed in the QuestLog for Killing in the name of Quest
  • Fish Fin drop from Deeplings that do drop them was increased from 1 to 3
  • Cloths and Leathers from a lot of Minotaurs was also increased to 3
  • NPC Furion is now buying Feather Headdress
  • Hydras, Brimstone Bugs and Giant Spider's spawn can't be blocked anymore
  • Fixed a bug that rendered one quest unsolvable, the quest reward was altered as well as difficulty
The following items received changes:
  • Crown Armor&Legs (2% physical protection on each),
  • Blue Robe (+1 magic level, restricted to ED&MS),
  • Elite Draken Mail (armor increased by 1, speed by 10),
  • Cobra Crown (armor increased by 1)

05 February 2019 (14:49) | Changelog V19 Published by Devious.
Changelog V19:

  • Map bug fixes
  • Loot of the following mobs adjusted: Brimstone Bug, The Handmaiden, Bog Raider, Dragon Lord
  • The following tasks were added: Souleaters, Hellfire Fighters
  • Fixed the value description of Emerald Bangle
  • Beggar Addons should be obtainable again from NPC Luis
  • Assassin Addons too (look up above)
  • Fixed a bug at Outlaw Camp that prevented players from going downstairs.
  • Depot Boxes at Rookgaard were removed
  • 2 new houses were added at Rookgaard, also fixed the door of a house which was locked and thus unobtainable
  • Several map edits at Rookgaard were made as well as a couple of spawns added/expanded/changed
  • NPC Bart added at Rookgaard as a furniture seller
The following items received changes:
  • Knight Armor&Legs (2% physical protection on each),
  • Golden Armor&Legs (2% physical protection on each),
  • Magician Hat (+2 magic level, restricted to ED&MS)
15 December 2018 (21:07) | Changelog V18 Published by Devious.

Changelog V18:

  • Map bug fixes
  • SSA from Daily Reward was replaced with Shimmering Pearls
  • Pharaoh's loot was slightly tweaked
  • Wildlife Raid's mobs amount was boosted
  • The teleportation chain at Zao now works in both ways instead of being a one-way teleportation
  • Rookgaard received its own depot boxes (will get removed as depots are global) and a couple of useable houses around the village
  • Autoloot's list size was increased from 25 to 40
  • A new task was added: Deeplings
  • Great Shield was renamed to Dragon Scale Shield
  • The following items received buffs:
    • Amazon Helmet and Shield (distance +2 and +1, it's paladin restricted and requires level 60 to equip)
    • Bunnyslippers (ice resistance 10%)
    • Crystal boots (resistances increased by 5%)
    • Dragon Scale set (fire resistances 10% per item, 50% fire protection total)
    • Blessed and Ornamented Shield (holy resistance 25% and 15%)
03 December 2018 (12:09) | Changelog V17 Published by Devious.
Changelog V17:

  • Map bug fixes
  • Burst arrows, Spectral and Infernal bolts can now also be bought at some more places other than Thais
  • Bast Skirt's drop chance was increased
  • Task repeat count was increased from 3 to 5
  • New tasks added: Grim Reapers, Wyrms
  • Yasir now buys Mystical Hourglasses
  • NPC Furion now buys the following items: rift bow, crossbow and shield, twiceslicer
  • Teleports to Nightmare Isles should be functional
  • The location between Femor Hills and Orc Fort was slightly expanded with new mountains, caves and more, 2 new low-mid level hunting places were added
  • A new quest was added at the location mentioned above
  • 3 quest mobs were added too
  • -Some smaller font/color/background changes were done on the website
  • Autolooting will now automatically swap platinums into crystals if there's more than 100
  • The following items received buffs:
    • Royal crossbow (increased attack and hit by 2),
    • Robe of the underworld (increased arm. value and resistance by 3%),
    • Steel and Guardian boots (1% and 3% physical resistance),
    • Golden boots and helmet (5% physical resistance),
    • Ceremonial helmet (10% holy resistance),
    • Molten, Frozen and Divine plate (increased arm. value and resistances to 12%),
    • Swamplair, Lavos, Crystalline and Voltage armor (increased resistances by 5%),
    • Phoenix shield (increased defense and shielding by 1, 5% fire resistance)
18 November 2018 (18:57) | Changelog V16 Published by Devious.
Changelog V16:

  • Map bug fixes
  • Pest Extermination Quest task count requirement was reduced
  • Toolgears were fixed, now they can be used to open sandholes
  • Amount of Hive Overseers/ Spidris Elites reduced at Hive
  • NPC delay when buying items/runes was removed
  • Travelling delays from Captain NPC's removed too
  • Prison Guards' dmg was nerfed once again, so was their loot
  • Thorn Spitter's attack&hit were increased to 10/2
  • Demon Set (except shield) received 5% fire resistance, the legs also give a total of 10 armor points
  • Spellbook of ancient arcana's defense was increased to 25
  • Rainbow shields' stats were buffed. Every variant has increased defense, buffed bonus (speed/regen/raw def.) and also a 15% elemental resistance (earth, fire, energy, ice). The bonuses last for 6 hours, the shield is usable by both EK's and RP's
  • Enchanted gems can be bough at NPC Safira (Thais Library) for 2500 gold each
  • Party Spells were buffed; mag. level was increased from 1 to 3, offensive skills and defense from 2/3 to 5, regeneration now also includes mana. The duration was increased from 2 to 3 minutes and mana cost was reduced by 50%
  • Item's gold price/value was added back in the description of an item. If it's a stack of items, their total value will be shown instead
  • NPC Yasir was buying some wrong items
  • Added some missing items from NPC Furion
  • A new raid taking place around Svargrond added along with a new monster
  • AutoLoot item list increased from 20 to 25
  • Spectral bolt's price was reduced
08 November 2018 (12:27) | Changelog V15 Published by Devious.
Changelog V15:

  • Map bug fixes
  • Burst Arrows' formula was tweaked, min. lvl. req. to use is set to 25
  • Spectral Bolts added as an AoE type of ammo, min. lvl. req. to use is 150
  • Infernal Bolts' damage increased
  • Break chance of Leaf & Royal Stars reduced
  • Burst Arrows, Infernal and Spectral Bolts can be bought at NPC
  • Soul Orbs can be traded for 5 bolts and a rare chance of 10 instead of the earlier 3/6
  • Exp. bonus for teamhunting (party sharing) was boosted
  • Lottery System was added, it takes place every 3 hours
  • Grizzly Adams and Badger Joe now buy all trophies without rank requirements
  • NPC Donand McRonald now sells carrots
  • NPC Furion now buys the following items: ceremonial helmet, royal chestplate, steel dagger, spatha, reinforced wooden shield
  • Gold Reward at Level advance was adjusted
  • A new quest and raid were added, the quest is accessible only during the raid
  • A bunch of map changes and expansions were made around Thais, Mt.Sternum and Ab'Dendriel

28 October 2018 (22:31) | Changelog V14 Published by Devious.
Changelog V14:

  • Map bug fixes
  • Lots of new objects were added; WARNING: UPDATE YOUR CLIENT
  • Following mobs were adjusted: Dawnfire and Midnight Asuras
  • Drop chance of Rat God Doll from some Coryms was increased
  • Enchanting Shrines should be accessible once again from Thais Temple
  • The Daily Reward Chest was reworked once again. The item reward pool was increased and the drop chance for all items is equal. However, the rewards now are different depending on the day. Since the reward progress with level was removed, the min. lvl. req. to open the chest was doubled to 30
  • Barbarian addons from NPC Luis were swapped
  • Hints on the new custom quests are getting added. Stuff like books, notes and NPC interaction will give you clues on the whereabouts of certain quests and mysteries.
  • NPC Yasir now buys zaogun shoulderplates
  • Seashells are useable, they regenerate each 6 instead of 20 hours
  • Empty bowls can be used on small fish in order to get a goldfish bowl
  • All dworc types now drop the bast skirt
  • NPC Furion is buying Castle shields for the correct price amount, he also buys barbarian axes
  • Some bugs concerning the task mount rewards were fixed
  • You can use rust removers on rusty helmets, shields and boots. The mentioned items are obtainable as loot from a selected amount of mobs. Rusty item tiers have been replaced with a single item so autolooting should have no issues picking them up anymore. Up to 10 different items per type can be received from unrusting.
  • Giant Shimmering Pearls were renamed to Green/Brown Shimmering Pearl, with a different name autolooting will be able to pick them up both
  • Respawn time was reduced by 25%
  • Fixed some hive cells not giving gooey mass
  • Fixed an issue causing AutoLooting to add a blank item when changing Master Wand's damage type
  • A new quest was added as well as a hunting ground near Venore
20 October 2018 (20:55) | Changelog V13 Published by Devious.
The following changes took place today and in the past couple of days:

  • Map bug fixes
  • The Jakundaf Desert Library is accessible/key 4009 obtainable
  • Key 4022 obtainable from NPC Hagor
  • Shortcut item for Demona now has a 100% drop chance from the Warlock boss
  • NPC Furion is buying the following stuff: Oriental Shoes
  • NPC Furion won't be buying creature products anymore
  • Assassin addons should be obtainable
  • Some monsters got their paralysing ability reduced
  • Weekly house rent was removed
  • Daily Reward Chest timer was reduced to 22 instead of 24 hours
  • Ron the Ripper should now spawn in the correct location
  • Jester addons are obtainable from the NPC instead from the quest
  • You can have up to 5 tasks active at once
  • The following tasks were added: Hive Insects, Orcs
  • Oramond Dungeon was tweaked
  • Quara Scouts added as a constant spawn at Western Oramond Plains
  • The following mobs got tweaked: Glooth Brigands & Bandits', Spellcaster & Frontguard Minions, Blue Djinns & Marids
  • The following bosses got tweaked: Obujos, Tanjis, Jaul, Gnomevil, Deathstrike, Abyssador
  • NPC Melchior should respond correctly now when asked about "word of greeting"
  • Heros don't kill Vile Grandmasters anymore if they're blocking the path between them and the target
  • Weight of Avalanche Runes corrected
  • The Welter raid fixed
  • Deepling Boss TP's were added, the bosses spawn as a random raid
  • Thais Graveyard's tombstones got their descriptions
  • Tortoise Eggs can be eaten

14 October 2018 (18:13) | Changelog V12 Published by Devious.
The following changes took place in the past few days & today:
  • Map bug fixes
  • Another rotworm cave was added south of Thais, White Pale raid taking place down there from time to time
  • An outlaw camp was added north-west of Thais
  • Marid drops the correct wooden flute
  • Shiny Stones are useable
  • Respawn rates should be slower from now on, some places were problematic cause of it
  • Glooth Bandits and Brigands won't be shooting arrows every other second anymore
  • The following mobs got tweaked: Nightmare, Nightmare Scion, Spellcaster and Frontguard Minions
  • You can exchange Blood Herbs with NPC Wyda for a small chance to earn a Torn Teddy
  • Up to 10 Blood Herbs can be found all around the Venorean Swamps
  • PoI bosses are from now also announced upon spawn, though the announcement doesn't reveal which one spawned
  • NPC Furion is buying the following items: Raving Axe/Club/Blade, Guardian Sword, Reinforced Morning Star, Dane Axe
  • NPC Safira is buying all colored gems and giant shimmering pearls
  • NPC Captain Waverider now takes the cash from bank account if you've got none with you
  • Warlock Boss was inaccessible cause of a bug
  • Demona TP was added back
  • Minotaur Berserkers count toward the Minotaur Task
  • Panpipe Quest is functional
  • NPC Jack Fate won't be telling you anymore his travelling services are free
  • The Realm of Dreams Quest should be functional now
  • The book "Key to Magic" is obtainable from Draconia
  • Chayenne's Magical Key is obtainable as a rare drop from Demodras and Fazaroch (dragon task boss)
  • 2 new raids were added
  • A new boss was added
10 October 2018 (20:47) | Changelog V11 Published by Devious.
The following changes took place in the past few days & today:

  • Lots of map bugs fixed
  • Might Rings are disabled
  • NPC Furion now buys: Templar Scytheblades, Fur Armors, Wereboar Loincloth
  • The stone from Naginata Quest should be removable now
  • The !online command output should appear in your local chat now instead of server log
  • Travelling with NPC Tarak without money should now properly charge it from your bank account
  • NPC Junkar shouldn't be shouting random cr@p anymore when asking for passage
  • Master Weapons were rebalanced once again, all Tiers now offer an amount of leeching/crit, the damage increase was reverted to the old value of 2 per tier, total crit. chance by Tier 10 lowered by 10%, all tiers now also have hp/mana leeching, melee weapons end up at T10 with 20/5, wands with 5/20 and xbows with 15/10 [hp leeching/mana leeching]
  • A small Rotworm cave was added north-east of Thais, it's also one of the few spawn locations for White Pale
  • A tiny description about the boss shoul pop in QuestLog for custom bosses/tasks
  • The Towncryer will from now on be shouting hints about random new quests, missions or places, so if you're looking for some clues, he's the man
  • Ruby coins are obtainable and useable, 1 ruby coin -> 100 crystal coins
  • Level requirements for ultimate and supreme potions fixed
  • Monk task was added
  • Djinn tasks received ther missing bosses in Yalahar
  • Fleshcrawler spawns as a part of the Scarab raid on Ankrahmun
  • The Noxious Spawn can be killed during the Serpent Spawn raid on Banuta and it also spawns in the Lizard Raid on Port Hope along with The Many
  • A new quest was added nearby Thais
  • Lever Door at Formorgar Mines removed
  • The following mobs received changes in abilities and loot: Most Lizards and Drakens, Glooth Bandits & Brigands, Wyrms, Chakoyas, Ocyakao
  • Ghazbaran raid mobs' location fixed
  • A bunch of items' weight was fixed
05 October 2018 (21:29) | Changelog V10 Published by Devious.
The following changes took place in the past few days/today:

  • Map bug fixes and small map changes
  • Beggar Addon requirements were fixed
  • NPC Furion now buys Tusk Shields, Badger Furs, Spike Shields, Ratanas, Spiky Clubs
  • Oriental Addons can be bought now
  • Damage increase for melee Master Weapons reduced to 1, this translates into a buff for lower tiers and a nerf for higher ones
  • Master Weapon crafting requirements were adjusted
  • Weapons from 4th Svargrond Arena received a minimum level reqirement of 90
  • 4th Svargrond Arena's difficulty was slightly lowered
  • The following spell was buffed: exori mas
  • The following spells were nerfed: exori, exori gran, exori gran ico
  • Tera Wave was fixed
  • Exura res was removed for now
  • From now on online training regenerates stamina at a rate of 3:1
  • Captain Juan decided to retire and the old greedy captains got their jobs back, no more free ride pals
  • The Postman Quest should be available now
  • Daily Reward loot and chances were tweaked, should give slightly better results
  • Most Roshamuul, Old Fort and Oramond mobs were adjusted in abilities, stats and loot
  • Insectoid cells can now be used to receive gooey mass, cooldown is set on once daily instead weekly
  • No vocation's regeneration was nerfed
  • Bless costs were reduced by 20%
  • PoI Dragon Lair is accessible again, the stone can be used without a pick
  • Bonebeast Trophy is sellable to Grizzly Adams
  • Grizzly Adams' cousin Badger Joe has arrived to Thais in order to help him with his hunting business
  • Task exp and gold rewards were readjusted, exp rewards from stronger tasks weren't as good as the early ones, exp reward is now calculated based on the amount of mobs required and their base exp (major buff), gold rewards from some tasks were buffed and some nerfed
  • NPC Pemaret was added back to Cormaya, Marlin Trophies obtainable
  • A couple of smaller coastal locations around Thais were expanded with new content
  • 2 new quests were added
  • A new raid & boss was added
  • A new monster was added
01 October 2018 (14:04) | Changelog V9 Published by Devious.
In the past couple of days the following changes took place:

  • A Client Updater was added, any future client update can be received through this
  • Feverish Citizen's stats were slightly adjusted
  • Map bug fixes
  • Crimson Sword's attack value fixed
  • Ape task now counts Merlkins too
  • Knight's starting weapons were changed to one-handed weapons
  • The following spells and runes were fixed: Find Person, Energy Wave, Avalanche, Thunderstorm, Stone Shower
  • Troll and Goblin tasks should now be displayed correctly in QuestLog
  • Minotaur, Djinn and Necromancer tasks should appear on the task list from Grizzly Adams
  • A new hunting ground and quest is taking place in Thais itself, no spoilers on it's location or methods
  • A smaller coastal location around Thais was expanded with new content
  • House commands are working again
  • Statues in Blue Legs Quest are functional
  • Koshei's Ancient Amulet now gets removed when used on the body
  • NPC Furion is buying clerical maces now
  • Priestess now drop the correct wooden flute
  • Prison Guards were slightly adjusted in damage, resistance and loot
  • 5 new custom monsters were added and scattered around the map
  • A bunch of new items were added, some already obtainable from quests or looting
  • Discord link added on website
WARNING: Re-download the client and run the updater, old client will cause possible crashes!
28 September 2018 (10:01) | Final Changelog Published by Devious.
Here is a complete list of changes since the last era of Elythia:

  • Rates were adjusted
  • Website layout was changed
  • A FAQ page was added to the website with some basic Q&A
  • The Server Rules have been updated in content
  • A character page will now also show a list of quests he completed. Apart
    from a couple of major RL quests, all custom-made quests are also shown
    on the list
  • Website market seems to be functional
  • Earned achievements should display on your character profile, a bit glitchy
  • Thais Depot and surrounding received a small map update
  • Trainers have been remapped and take soul points as intended, a food selling NPC is also there
  • Dwarven forge map got a slightly update, new NPC was added
  • Crafting was completely reworked
  • Added 10 new weapon tiers to crafting for each vocation (sword, axe, club, wand, xbow)
  • Added quest for tier I weapon located at Dwarven Forge
  • Added following commands: !commands, !spells, !bless
  • On level advance new spells info should pop up in your local chat
  • Attack speed has slightly been increased (promotion increases it further)
  • Bug reporting command has been fixed
  • Loot chance of certain crafting materials has been adjusted
  • Small dragon tear added as a loot item from all dragon-type mobs (crafting material)
  • Creating ring of ending works as intended now (it's a crafting material for certain weapon tier)
  • You can talk with NPCs also by double clicking on them (look) as long as you're within the interaction range, it will also open the trade window if the NPC has any
  • AutoLooting has been added. You can add/remove items as well as sort them to a certain bp in your inventory
  • Demon Oak now requires Demon task completed, which is reduced to 666 kills and it can be done only once
  • A daily reward chest was added to temple. Once daily you can use it to get anything from a rare item to simple trash.
  • Stone of wisdom was added as a reward option from the daily chest as well as few quests. When used it gives a large amount of exp. which scales with your level. The min. level req. to use it is 100. That also means you won't get the item from the reward chest unless you're 100+
  • The Bonelord cave north of Thais was slightly expanded as well as a new dragon lair was added to Thais.
  • The following bosses had their stats tweaket; Ferumbras, Orshabaal, Zulazza the Corruptor, Chizzoron the Distorter, Morgaroth, Ghazabran
  • The following bosses have been added; Cublarc the Plunderer, Zoralurk, WIlli Wasp, The Evil Being, Daemon
  • Orc raid on Zzaion was tweaked (orcs didn't spawn at all), Cublarc the Plunderer also spawns now
  • Ghazbaran raid spawns less mobs now in the pit
  • Zoralurk as the third Triangle boss was added, but its spawn realm & raid is yet to be created
  • The pillars in Ferumbras' citadel now have an increase chance to summon demons
  • All tasks got an achievement upon completion and an exp & gold reward that has been boosted multiple times
  • All tasks got a boss accessible after completion, boss teleport locations won't be revealed
  • Task mob counter was fixed, now it correctly counts starting from 1, not 0 and it also shows the kill amount required for completion
  • A new mount reward was added upon reaching certain Ranks, now in total there's 5 mounts obtainable from NPC Grizzly Adams
  • All tasks received a minimum level requirement for starting, no maximum level required, task repeat amount is kept at 3 (except of some tasks like demon, which can't be repeated)
  • The following missing tasks were added: Cyclops, Rotworms
  • The following new tasks were added: Dragons, Warlocks
  • A new Badger cave was added in Tiquanda as there was no real spot to hunt those
  • Svargrond Gargoyle & Stone Golem cave was expanded with an additional floor
  • The Wyvern cavern in Edron was significantly expanded and now offers an acceptable spot for task completion
  • Some spawn places containing the following monsters have been slightly increased with quantity: Stone Golems and Gargoyles (Svargrond), Gnarlhound caves (Zao), Terramite caves (Zao, Darashia and Port Hope), Quara Scouts (Liberty Bay Grotto, Hrodmir - Svargrond, Malada, Talahu), Killer Caimans (Zao)
  • The following monsters' loot got tweaked: Badger, Terramite
  • The following new task bosses were added: Gobo, Gerbad, Monophemus, Dirtworm, The Woodshatter, Speedfreak, Squidvard, Rockfort, The Grey Widow, Azra, Neckbiter, Fazaroch, Auterius
  • The following existing bosses were used as part of the task system: Big Boss Trolliver, Grorlam, Fleabringer, Hairman the Huge, The Blightfather, Dreadmaw
  • Nearly all task bosses got adjusted concerning incorrect damage, missing abilities, wrong stats, the focus point being loot which was mostly improved over RL Tibia
  • Mintwallin received a full map redesign as it was outdated, from grounds to houses, trees, surroundings; pretty much everything, the amount of mobs at Mintwallin was also increased significantly
  • 2 new quests have been added at/around Mintwallin
  • A small cavern with few Giant Spiders was also expanded near Mintwallin
  • A new NPC - Warkohl, was added as a transport at Mintwallin. He offers only a way out for a hefty price tag, which means to get to Mintwallin you'll still have to walk or take the shortcut*. The exit position takes you halfway through Ancient Temple
  • Mintwallin is a new spawn location for The Horned Fox and General Murius
  • General Murius was tweaked as he had incorrect loot and exp
  • A new major raid was added taking place around Mintwallin
  • Frost Trolls and Goblin Scavengers are now also counted toward their respective task
  • Amount of Cyclops, Undeads and Bonelords at Mt.Sternum slightly increased
  • A new Dragon Lair beneath Mt.Sternum was added, it features large caves across 4 floors with plenty of one-way holes, dropholes, caves, mobs etc..
  • Demodras can also spawn in all of the newly created dragon lairs
  • The GS Cavern which is housing the Crusader Helmet Quest was expanded
  • A new Hunting Spot on 3 levels was added beneath Mt.Sternum. The caves contain Cyclops, Destroyers and Behemoths
  • A new cave containing a mix of different stronger undeads was added, also under Mt.Sternum
  • 3 new quests were added, each in one of the new spawns except the GS Cave
  • Missing Stonecracker Raids at Cyclopolis were added, the boss also spawns in the new cave system under Mt.Sternum
  • Destroying Spider Eggs now has a chance to spawn random spiders
  • Demona Shortcut was reworked, now it works similar to the Banuta TP Shortcut - use an item on a certain statue in Demona to activate it
  • Deeper Banuta Shortcut was fixed, now it works as intended
  • Demona was slightly expanded in size and monster amount
  • All raids are now announced upon starting (PoI bosses are an exception)
  • Lots of raids tweaked in mob amount, timers, announcements etc.
  • Tons of missing raids were added, some of the more notable ones: Djinns (Kha'zeel), Vampires (Shadow Tomb, Tarpit Tomb, Yalahar), Wasps (Carlin, Darashia, Thais), Undeads (Carlin, Darashia, Drefia, Edron), Orc Raids (Femor Hills, Thais, Zao Steppes), Thul (Calassa), Apes (Port Hope), Serpent Spawns (Banuta), Witches (Venore), Zarabustor (Demona) and many more.
  • The following quests were tweaked a bit: FWB Quest, Dwarven Legs Quest, Queen of the Banshees Quest
  • Fourth level of Svargrond Arena was added
  • Breakchances of the following distance weapons were adjusted: assassin stars, throwing knives, throwing stars, viper stars, spears, enchanted spears, royal spears
  • Royal stars and Leaf stars were added
  • NPC Sergio (Thais Depo) now sells assassin, royal and leaf stars
  • The Old Zatanaz quest was replaced with a better one
  • A new hunting ground was added beneath Darama (accessible through the mentioned quest)
  • 2 new monsters added: Frontguard & Spellcaster minions

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